Welcome to 50clarke and to Today’s World of Aromatherapy


Introducing “DID YOU KNOW”

Welcome to 50clarke and to today’s world of Aromatherapy.

These days it is difficult to ignore just how much information is available about essential oils and their benefit to our well being. That is fantastic, but it can also be overwhelming at times.    Aromatherapy is indeed an ancient practice that time and again has proven to support vitality and health. In modern times, results from research have added yet another layer of proof to substantiate this power, so its no surprise that everywhere we look there are articles and products from which we can both learn and find comfort and support. How do we sort through this information? Where do we start? Are there safety concerns? What about product quality? Can we use essential oils to “FIX” everything? Who can I trust? There can be more questions than answers.

Aromatherapy as Art and Science

ponderosa_pine__large    amber_bottles__large

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) defines essential oil therapy as “the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.” Understanding aromatherapy as both an art and a science helps us to be better prepared to answer questions. Creating or using blends that you love and that also address your emotional and physical concerns feels fantastic.   We all want to feel fantastic. Here’s the answer to the above question ”Can we use essential oils to “FIX” everything?” NO we can’t, BUT essential oils are supportive for such a wide range of issues. Consider these three concerns that so many of us deal with: sleep problems, stress, and pain. Just these three alone can lead to healing if essential oils are used as support. Who wouldn’t want that! This nicely summarizes why there is a hunger for what aromatherapy has to offer and why we all want to find what can work for us.

Blending of several essential oils to address these and other concerns is also an art and a science. Blending is done from a number of perspectives as follows: Chemical family, Chemical component, Aroma, Plant Part and Intuition.  Let the fun Begin!

I will elaborate on these blending perspectives in the next series of DID YOU KNOW articles.





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