“I suffer from allergies. Elisabeth created an inhaler blend for daytime and a chest rub for bedtime. Both items opened my sinuses and helped me to breathe easier. I will continue to work with Elisabeth.”  




“Arthritis pain in my left knee was eased when Elisabeth made me a blend to rub in. I found relief and since I was involved in identifying scents that I like, the process of application was enjoyable…an extra bonus!”





“I had the opportunity to consult with Elisabeth at 50clarke, regarding my nightly leg cramps.  Elisabeth carefully created a natural blend of essential oils that have soothed my soreness.  I highly recommend Elisabeth as your aromatherapist”



Signature Scent


“I am grateful to have met an amazing person to create my signature scent for my business. I am in love and so are my clients! Elisabeth is down to earth, personable, and very knowledgeable about her passion for creating beautiful scents for others. She exceeded my expectations!!! Thank you Elisabeth from 5clarke for being part of the journey of inspiration. Your expertise inspires”

 Founder & CEO, I Love This Journey – Tiesha Harrison

I love this journey – ‘My Beauty Within’

Custom Blending For Events

Dear Elisabeth, ” I just want to thank you for all your hard work at the PLMI reception we sponsored.  We have received so much positive feedback on how fun our event was.  It was a busy event with many moving parts and it would have been impossible without your dedication.  Thank you so much for your positive attitude and professionalism.  You represented Metagenics well as one of our vendors and your table looked beautiful.  I love that you wore our Meta blue color too!”

Cynthia Corbett, Manager, Events  – Metagenics (Genetic Potential Through Nutrition)

Metagenics Gala Reception, at PLMI (Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute) Thought Leaders Consortium, October 12, 2018, Tucson, Arizona